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Different types of baby walkers are available and you can choose a safe one for your baby. Read on to find tips on using infant walkers.

Baby Walkers

There is a constant demand of infant walkers in the market, though it is considered a risky item by many. If you have decided to buy a walker, do a brief research before selecting the right walker for your infant. You can get walkers that have an activity center on the walker itself. Also, these infant walkers are available in different designs. Some are brightly colored with all the funny cartoon pictures or designed with some lacy and satin material. There are also folding baby walkers available in the market that can be easily folded and carried over to any desired place. However, the security of your infant is the primary concern and you need to consider it before making a final choice. Read the article to know about the types of baby walkers and tips on using them.

Types of Baby Walkers

Infant Walkers
Apart from some minor differences, almost all the infant walkers are basically circular in shape and designed in a way so as to enclose the baby. Some walkers come with central seats for baby to sit and totter around the floor, while some walkers are more traditional in their makeup and design requiring babies to stand and hold on to a handle for toddling about. Some traditional wooden walkers also feature a tray containing wooden blocks with numbers, alphabets letters and mathematical signs. Electronic walkers are also available, which have activity centers so that babies can learn, discover and play even as they use them.

Toddler walkers
The toddler walkers are meant for slightly old babies. In these walkers the babies can grab the back of the walker, which gives them the option to hold on to the walker�s back or move around a room. Toddler walkers may be designed in the shape of a car, truck or other popular vehicles to fascinate the young kids. "2-in-1 walkers" are also a good option for growing babies as they can be used for dual purpose: as a secure activity center and for walking.

Using Infant Walkers