There are many developmental and educational baby toys for the newborn. Read on to know the best developmental toys for newborn.

Newborn Baby Toys

If you think that your baby’s toys are the luxurious items required just to decorate the room of your child, you will pleasantly surprise yourself by following the article. The first baby toys have a great potential to help in the over-all development of the personality of the child. Baby toys are generally colorful, so that they appear attractive to the eyes of the babies. Infant toys are generally attached to the cribs or set on the floor, as the child can't move. They are, sometimes, hung on the upper side of the child cot, so that the sound and movement amuses the little one. Read the article to find more about baby toys and know the best developmental toys for newborn.

Rattles & Teethers
Rattles & Teethers are great toys for children, especially when they are learning to chew. However, it is better to keep them in refrigerator when unused. The coolness of the refrigerated rattle will be a relief to the gums of the baby. Toys that make noise or move when squeezed also create massive development in the child. Babies get to know that their act of squeezing the toy makes it move or creates some sound from the toy.

Nesting Cups
Nesting cups come in different colors and sizes, so that they can be stacked or nested. These toys can be used to develop the color and size recognition abilities and hand-eye coordination of the baby. The best nesting cups are made of plastics that come in several solid colors and may consist of more than five cups.

Stacking Rings
Stacking rings are as educational as nesting cups and come in different colors and sizes placed in a cone. These rings also help the child in color and size recognition, hand-eye coordination and for pretend play as well. The most inexpensive stacking rings are made of plastics. You can also buy the more fancy rings, which also contain other fun activities for the child.

Soft Baby Building Blocks
Soft baby building blocks help the baby to develop motor skills. The baby will use his/her little fingers to grasp, lift and manipulate the building blocks. As such, they are considered to be one of the best toys for the little ones. For a very young age group, soft baby building blocks are preferable. You can also choose blocks with other activities embedded in them to increase their play value for the child.

Another interesting way of developing the intellect and personality of the child is by reading simple short stories to him. However, this is only possible once the child is old enough to understand, at least, some thing from the story. Reading habit never goes without paying off and it can easily overcome all the obstacles that age creates. When he/she is little grown - up then you can give him the more durable rhyme books or other colorful pictured books. These books are made up of thick cardboard or hard cloth, and are specially designed for infants.