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You can determine your baby’s health by understanding his/her temperament. Read on to guide yourself on baby health care.

Baby Health

Parents often worry that they will not be able to tell when their baby is unwell. After a few weeks, as you get to know your baby and understand his/her feeding-routine, sleeping and waking, you will be able to tell if the baby is behaving differently. It won’t be long before you are able to judge your baby’s health perfectly, once you understand his/her temperament and behavior. The common health problems faced by all the babies can be dealt with at home, unless the case is not extreme. However, a physician is to be immediately consulted if a particular condition is specific to your baby.

Issues of sleeping, infancy problems and skin conditions are some of the general health related problems in babies. Vomiting is also common problem that may occur due to some abdominal infection. Cough, cold and viral infection of the respiratory tract is also experienced by babies. However with proper and regular care, these instances can be reduced significantly. It is important to keep in mind and follow some basic health guidelines that can go a long way in ensuring good health of your baby. A healthy baby will also keep active and display a pleasant disposition. Go through our related sections to find the right health care advice for your baby.

Temperature in Babies
Babies need to be comfortable at all times; their body temperature should neither be too hot nor too cold. No matter how healthy your baby keeps, fever among babies is a normal occurrence

Congenital Abnormalities
Some babies are born with certain abnormalities, which are present at the time of the birth of the baby. These are known congenital abnormalities. These abnormalities are a result of problems

Hypoglycemia & Colic In Babies
Hypoglycemia is a condition characterized by low levels of sugar in blood. We need a certain amount of sugar, in the form of glucose, for normal functioning of the body. When the level of glucose in the blood decreases

Immunization Schedule
Immunization is important to protect your baby from those diseases that can be fatal for him/her. It is one of the most important things you can do to guarantee your baby’s health. Childhood diseases, such as whopping cough

Jaundice in Newborn
A baby in the womb is totally dependent on his/her mother for food and oxygen, which reach the umbilical cord that connects him/her to the mother. The distribution of oxygen through the baby’s body

Nappy Rash
Nappy rash, a common problem faced by infants, is characterized by inflammation of the skin in the nappy area. Stale urine and faeces accumulated in the nappy make the baby's skin become sore.

Anemia in Babies
Your active and playful child suddenly displays signs of tiredness, weakness, irritation and has a pale face. These are nothing, but signs of anemia. Anemia is a condition in which there is an abnormally low level of RBC’s

Asperger’s Syndrome in Babies
Self-centered behavior, repetitive behavioral patterns, and difficulty in social interaction – all these symptoms point to Asperger’s syndrome in your baby. Asperger’s syndrome is a part of the family of autism spectrum disorders.

Asthma in Babies
Frequent cold and wheezing can indicates that your infant may be suffering from asthma. For that reason, it is always safe to check with your pediatrician and get your baby properly diagnosed.

Autism in Babies
Having a baby calls in for a lot of alertness. Parents need to always be on their toes for any negligence on their part can make the baby suffer for the whole life. Babies are in a stage of development

Baby Teething Fever
Each baby has different teething patterns and symptoms, which can be generally recognized by fever, drooling, cranky behavior and swollen gums. It takes a great deal of time in this process

Chicken Pox in Babies
New parents cannot stop bubbling with excitement at the arrival of their little one. However, the initial joy is cut short when more serious concerns over health and hygiene take over your mind, leaving you jittery for a while.

Cold in Babies
As parents, you can spend a long time distressing over your child’s health and trying to figure out the exact reason behind that runny nose or incessant coughing! Well, what you need to understand that babies

Conjunctivitis In Babies
Conjunctivitis is caused by an infection of lining of the eyelids and of the outer protective layer of the eye called the conjunctiva. It can be caused because of a virus or any allergy and leads to sore, red and sticky eyes.

Cradle Cap in Infants
Cradle cap, also known as ‘Crusta Lactea’, is a yellowish, patchy, greasy and crusty skin rash that occurs on the scalp of new born babies. It is something quite common among the newborns

Down Syndrome In Babies
Upward slanting eyes, unusual looking ears, broad hands with short fingers, sometimes pinkish in color, small head are all characteristic features of Down syndrome.

Flat Head Syndrome in Baby
Babies are like newly published books that seem to reveal some new and astounding information every now and then. Babies are born with waxy and pliable organs

Flu In Babies
Your days were passing by happily with your baby. You were busy taking care of them and they were busy playing around and giving you more trouble. Suddenly one day your baby gets uneasy and irritable.

Healthy Diet For Toddlers
If you have seen Baby’s Day Out, you would learn it is not at all easy to handle kids. Ask the mothers how difficult it gets for them to feed their child, especially if their kid is a toddler.

Hiccups In Babies
You are enjoying your food and suddenly you hear a ‘hic’ sound and it continues till you have some water. These are called hiccups and often come without any prior trigger.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Babies often suffer many serious problems and they become more complex when you follow your own treatments and wait for the problems to vanish by itself over a period of time.

Malaria in Babies
It can be most disheartening for parents to see their apple of eye down with sickness. Babies are more prone to infections during their early years of infancy. As parents the best gift you can give your child is a healthy childhood.

Measles In Babies
Measles is a dangerous disease. It is a contagious infection that can spread from person to person. The virus of the disease present in the air makes it more dangerous and difficult for the people to take some precautions.

Nail Biting In Toddlers
Toddlers and even grownups develop the habit of biting nails whenever they are in some trouble or are stressed out or simply when they are bored. Nail biting is a very common habit that can develop in any person.

Polio in Babies
In their early years, a child is exposed to the risk of developing serious ailments that can last for a lifetime and in certain cases prove fatal too. Educating yourself on the signs of possible illness in babies

Restless Legs Syndrome
Is your baby not sleeping properly? Is he/ she quite restless? Is your baby throwing around their legs a lot? This may all sound very common a reaction from babies. But this is ironical when it comes to baby care.

Shaken Baby Syndrome
A baby’s body is immensely delicate and fragile as it has very soft muscles around the neck and contrary to that has a big head and big body. Violent shaking of its body can lead to unbelievable outcomes especially in the brain portion

Small Pox in Babies
Small pox is believed to have caused one of the menacing influences in the world of human health and history. Though the disease has been long eradicated with the help of unparalleled immunization campaign

Tourette Syndrome in Babies
Tourette syndrome is often thought to be a type of mental illness, but it is not. It is an inherited neuropsychiatric disorder with onset in childhood. Individuals suffering with Tourette syndrome feel an irresistible

Vomiting in Babies
Vomiting is actually a strong reflex action which involves an upward motion of all the contents in the stomach, from the body’s digestive system to the mouth. At the time of vomiting, all the muscles of abdomen