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You have just received your newly born treasure. Looking for information on baby diapers & nappies? Read to know on diapers for babies/ infants.

Baby Diapers & Nappies

You have just become a parent. The excitement of labor and delivery has taken you to the next step of beginning your life with your baby. A diaper (known in North America) or nappy (in other countries) is a sponge-like garment worn by individuals, especially babies, who are not capable of holding their bladder or bowel movements, or are unable to use the toilet. For the next few years, diapers are an important part of your life and is diaper changing. You will now wonder whether you would be using cloth or disposable diapers for your newborn. Use either of the two; your baby is sure to dirty about 10 in a day or about 70 in a week.

Diapering a baby calls for various different guidelines and precautions to ensure that your baby is comfortable and happy for the next few hours. If not attended well, diapers can lead to diaper rash which when ignored, can worsen the condition. This section of baby care deals with the aspects of teaching new parents how to use diapers or nappies for their newborns. You will find how to make and fold cloth diapers, and pack a diaper bag. It also includes the use of disposable diapers and training a parent to tie a nappy. Finally, you will find information on organic diapers which are a safe method to protect your child from harmful germs.

Folding Cloth Diapers
Cloth diapers are back and are being favored by an increasing number of parents today. Traditional cloth diapers are definitely enjoying an upper hand now, as opposed to their disposable counterparts. Apart from being economical and eco-friendly, cloth diapers are easily washable and can be reused.

How to Make Cloth Diapers
With the arrival of the newborn, there is a lot of joy in the air as well as lots of apprehension concerning his/her care and hygiene. For any new parent, the very thought of diapering your little one can be a scary idea. You will be amazed to see how often your baby pees and poops initially.

How to Tie a Nappy
Newborns and tots can make you wonder with the amount of pee and poop they generate every day. Result? Messy diapers. Your child needs to be kept dry all the time. On an average, a baby uses as many as 15 diapers every day. A full diaper can cause great discomfort to your little one.

Disposable Diapers
It�s normal for parents to lose their sleep over issues relating to their child. Every parent is concerned about their baby�s food, health, hygiene and even diapers. Talking of diapers, there has been a lot of discussion over disposable diapers and the traditional cloth diapers.

Organic Nappies
In the tug of war between the cloth diapers and the disposable ones, it is the more recently introduced organic or biodegradable disposable diaper that seems to have won conclusively. With cloth diapers being messy to handle, and the disposable diapers considered to be ecological threats

Packing a Diaper Bag
You will often see parents of little babies saddled with overstuffed diaper bags that contain almost everything, from disposable diapers to digital thermometers. When you plan to take your baby out from the comfort of your home, the focus will always be on caring for his/her little needs and having everything required, at your convenience.