A baby born prematurely is sometimes referred to as a preemie, demanding extra care. Read to know all about caring for your premature baby.

Premature Baby Care

Every parent-to-be naturally hopes for a baby to be born healthy and full-term. But even with hi-tech medicines, seven percent of babies are born prematurely. A premature baby is born before the 37th week of gestation and is sometimes nicknamed as a �preemie�. Babies can be born prematurely for different reasons like pregnancies with twins, triplets or more babies, stressful events including long distance air travel, or death of someone very close. However, normal day-to-day stresses of living have no evidence on inducing premature labor. Mothers who deliver premature babies are often scared and nervous as their newborns have a higher risk of developing complications. The earlier the baby is born, the higher the baby is likely to develop complications.

Since a premature baby is not fully equipped to deal with the outside world, they require special care. Their little bodies have areas that are yet to mature and fully develop such as lungs, digestive system, immune system and skin. A baby born healthy requires special and extra care and attention. Here comes the role of the parents to keep their baby as healthy and comfortable as possible. A few tips are required on the parents� part to smooth out the process of caring for a preemie. This section of baby care will help you out with feeding your premature baby and the needs demanded by a preemie. Also look out for the growth chart of a premature baby and the various health problems faced by such a baby.

Feeding Your Premature Baby
Before your baby was born, you might have probably dreamed about how it would feel to hold him/her in your arms and feed him/her. You might have already decided and planned out what all to feed or how to feed him/her a nutritious diet. However if your baby has been born prematurely, you may have to reconsider your plans.

Premature Baby Growth Chart
You can measure your premature baby�s growth by a growth chart. A growth chart is a tool that the specialists use to evaluate and keep a track of your baby�s physical growth. Parents at times get worried with the results of this experiment, especially if the baby is premature. They should remember that their child will grow at his/her own pace, and that this test is conducted to get the data

Premature Baby Health Problems
Bringing up a baby is a great but difficult experience, because a parent needs to take many health and safety precautions. If the baby is premature, the difficulty, the precautions and the care to be taken, increases. Parents of a premature baby have only one question to ask, what the different problems are that their babies will encounter.

Premature Baby Needs
What babies look for in their parents is a secure and caring hand. Babies really do require that extra bit of care and concern. When a baby is premature, he/she requires even more care and protection. Premature babies often are lacking in some or the other aspect, as compared to a normal baby. Special care for preemies is required to overcome any developmental loopholes.