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Hygiene is something that everyone needs to take care of, right from babies to oldies. Explore tips & advice on infant hygiene.

Baby Hygiene

The best way to keep your baby happy and healthy is to practice good hygiene. It comes out naturally to protect our baby from germs which urges us to great lengths to do so. And for doing so, we sterilize our baby�s feeding bottle, use anti-bacterial soaps and cleaners, everything that can bar germs from our baby�s world. But still, a number of babies suffer from different allergies. Reason? Without being in contact with germs, your baby�s immune system will not function properly. Although breast milk provides protection through the antibodies passed on, but at times, the bacteria wins out and the baby gets infected to an illness. However, this does not stop us from providing basic hygiene to our baby.

Apart from a nightly bath, there�s more to keeping your baby clean and well groomed. Their fingernails need constant trimming, their hands should be washed regularly and hair definitely needs a frequent cut. And as your baby grows older, cleaning their gums and later brushing their teeth is an excellent start to teach your baby the hygiene rituals. To prevent from the hassle emerging at a later stage, it is best to start at an early age. For example, if you start cleaning your baby�s ears right from the time they are newborn, by the time they are 18 months old, they will be habitual to it and won�t mind getting it done. This section deals with the various parameters of cleanliness of a baby such as nails, body odor, genitals, oral hygiene, brushing teeth, cleaning eyes, ears and tongue, and caring for the belly button.

Baby Genital Care
Being parents can be a euphoric feeling! But tending to the needs and wants of your little one may not be that easy, to begin with, especially for new parents. Babies are unpredictable and vulnerable too. Only timely care and proper tending will ensure that your babies stay happy and healthy.

Baby Oral Hygiene
A baby�s oral hygiene is a very important part of his/her overall hygiene. As parents, your apprehension over your baby�s oral health is likely. Ensuring healthy oral habits in babies should be done at the stage of infancy to help teeth grow faster with healthy gums.

Body Odor in Babies
Body Odor in Babies Body odor is one of the most common problems in any individual; they can be kids, adults or even your little angels. It�s a matter of wonder that even these little ones have problems like body odors. Although babies do not have a bad body odor, it is important enough to take notice of it and know the why�s and how�s of it.

Brushing Baby�s Teeth
Proper oral care and hygiene starts from the very first time your baby begins to drink milk and you clean his/her gums with a damp cotton cloth to remove milk residues from the gums. It is very important to induce these habits in your babies as they will become used to them over time. When teeth erupts into the mouth, you should start cleaning the baby�s teeth twice in a day

Caring for Baby's Belly Button
Babies are just the perfect addition to your happy family. However, taking care of your little bundle of joy needs a whole lot of effort and a great level of awareness. New parents are often clueless and almost easily intimidated on how to attend to the personal, delicate, and little known body parts of their newborn.

Cleaning Baby's Eyes
Eyes are said to be the mirror to the soul. In the case of babies, their eyes truly mirror what they are inside - innocent and pure. Their eyes gaze out in wonder at the colorful new world around them. These precious organs need proper care and good hygiene. It does not take much effort to clean your baby�s eyes. All that is needed is a regular cleaning routine and periodical clinical check of your baby�s eyes.

Cleaning Baby�s Nose
Babies commonly have clogged and dirty noses, especially due to the lack the ability to clean themselves the way adults do. This can be rather harmful to the child with regard to hygiene and health care. Babies with stuffy noses suffer from difficulty breathing, noisy breathing, difficulty sleeping and infections, just to name a few.

How to Clean Baby�s Tongue
It�s not as easy to clean the tongue of a baby as it may sound - after all babies make a big hue and cry for even thing smallest thing that seems to trouble them. Some parents might want to make babies laugh and clean the tongue with a finger. However, your playful baby might bite your finger and nothing will come out of the attempt.

How to Clean Baby Ears
Nothing can be more daunting for a mother than having to deal with those delicate parts of her little one. Understanding your limits and finding the right approach to look after your baby in a way that you find comfortable, is very important. Cleaning the ears of your young ones is something that must never be taken lightly.

How to Trim Baby Nails
Have you come across babies with numerous scratches on their faces? The source of these scratches, in most cases, would not be the family pet, but rather the baby himself! Since babies lack muscle control, flailing of limbs is very common. Uncut or improperly cut nails can cause them to scratch their delicate skin and lead to a whole lot of discomfort for the little one.