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Holding your infant safely is important to save him/her from potential injury. Read on to know how to hold your baby properly.

Holding Your Baby

Holding babies can be a puzzle for their dads who dread hurting their soft cuddly bodies and crushing the delicate babies with their loving embraces. Mom's hugs and dad's embraces are the right of every child that enters this world and makes a new baby feel loved and cared for. The reassurances communicated by the firm and secure arms of a father and soothing touches of a mother is irreplaceable by anything else and plays an important role in the development of a child's reactions to the world. Similarly, swaddling the baby is also an ancient way to soothe a child when mothers cannot afford to hold or hug the child and have to leave him/her alone for sometime to finish the other household chores. Here are some useful tips for holding your baby safely.

How to Hold Your Baby