There are different types of potty seats/chairs available for the baby to begin his/her potty training. Read on to know more about them.

Baby Potty Seats

Toilet training can be one of the most difficult phases of parenting a new born child. Once you kid has crossed a specific age and size, you may be interested in potty chairs for kids, to begin the toilet training process. At each step, you need to make the child conscious of things that are unknown to him/her, even minor things such as teaching him/her on using potty seats or chairs. When it comes to buying one, you need to realize that there are a wide variety of designs available in the market, in terms of shapes, size color and style. To know more about the what to look in for before buying potty seats and the various types of potty chairs and seats available, browse through the following lines.

Potty Chairs For Babies
There are various types of potty seats available in the market. Before buying a potty seat or potty chair for babies, you need to decide that whether you want the potty seat type that sits on the floor or the one that can be attached to the toilet. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Baby potty that is attached to the floor, makes it is easy for the child to climb and sit. However, in this case, you need to do the cleaning and also will have to train him/her separately for sitting on the bigger one. The second option is the one attached to the general toilet. Though initially, it may pose to be a little difficult for the baby, you do not have to clean and again train the baby. Also, once the child gets a little big, you can gradually remove the extra potty chair. If you are a first time parent, taking some advice from others can prove to be really helpful.

Types Of Baby Potty Seats

Moisture Activated Potty
These potty chairs have an in-built sensor to detect moisture. Once a child has completed urinating, it will play start playing a song. While some kids can be motivated to use the potty, there may be others who might get scared.

Decorative Potty
There are a number of decorative potty chairs available to match to the fancies of your child. You can also choose a potty chair according to your décor or add to the fun of your child while using the potty. Right from potty chairs available in cool blue and flowery prints to ones that resemble a royal throne, the list goes endless.

Convertible Potty
In such a potty chair, the seats convert to form a stool. This can be very useful for those who have small washrooms. Convertible potty would also encourage the child to wash his/her hands, after using the toilet. However, cautions needs to be taken while converting it. Make sure the potty chair is sturdy and stable.

Portable Potty
This is highly beneficial in case of traveling. These portable folding potty seats for travel are compact enough to be folded easily and kept in the pouch, which is provided with the potty seat.

Realistic Versions
A replica of the actual potty chair, with the only difference being its miniature size, such type of potty chairs are helpful for those children, who really want to use the big toilet.