Newborn babies also give reactions that are communicative of their responses. Read on to know more about stimulus response in babies.

Baby Reactions

The babies are born explorers and are curious to every new thing that they see, hear, taste or touch and it is a wonderful experience to study their eager eyes and never-ending curiosity to things that have become almost a second habit with us. Many-a-times we wonder how come we don't even acknowledge the existence of many of these things, while newborn babies are so excited about them that they almost burst with happiness and apprehension about every thing that crosses their path for the first time. The arrival of a train or noises of the airplanes flying above our homes are enough to fill our little boys and girls with wonder. Here are some interesting things and reactions of the newborn that you are likely to witness right from the initial weeks of their lives. Read on to know about stimulus response in babies.

Newborn Baby Reactions