You can choose among the different types of baby cribs according to your convenience. Read on for tips on buying cribs for infants

Baby Cribs

One of the important do's that should be done before going to shop baby cribs for your newborn is to determine the type of crib you want for your baby. Though your baby doesn't need a crib during the first few days, his/her bassinet will have to be replaced by a crib as the baby grows in due course of time. Among the many types of cribs available, you can choose the most comfortable one from the innumerable types of shapes, sizes and texture of the crib. Read the article to know about the different types of baby cribs and find some helpful tips on buying them for your little one.

Types of Baby Cribs

Standard Baby Crib
The standard baby crib comes with single or double drop sides, which makes it easier to put in and take out a small baby. It is also, sometimes, referred to as a conventional baby crib. There is no need to adjust the mattress height as standard baby crib has drop sides. This type of crib is, usually, inexpensive and will serve your baby till the age of two.

Round Baby Crib
The round baby crib has become pretty fashionable in the recent years. This type of crib uses less space that a traditional baby crib. As the name suggests, round baby crib has a round shape. These types of cribs are, generally, inexpensive.

Canopy Baby Crib
The canopy baby crib is for those who like a ‘fairytale’ bedding look for their baby. It is also, sometimes, referred to as a bonnet crib. However, these cribs don’t really serve any real purpose, other than ‘presentation’. They are also more expensive than the traditional crib models.

Convertible Baby Crib
There are two types of convertible baby cribs; 3-in-1 and lifetime. These types of cribs can be converted from crib to toddler bed and also to day bed. They can be converted easily by removing one side of the crib. Some of the convertible baby cribs come with optional streight rails that can be used on the toddler bed to prevent the baby from rolling out. In some 3-in-1 models, storage drawers are also available that can be used to keep miscellaneous baby stuff. While they cost more, convertible baby crib prove to be money savers in the long run.

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