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Baby skin is extremely delicate and fragile and requires proper care. With this section, explore effective tips to maintain your infant / toddler’s skin.

Baby Skin Care

From being couples to being parents, parenthood is a blissful journey that demands constant attention and commitment. Both first time parents and experienced ones need to understand that successful parenting is not easy and can only be attained by taking some proactive steps. Talking about the initial phase of parenthood, new born babies need a lot of care and concern. Right from the time they wake up in the morning till the time they go off to sleep and sometimes even during the night; parents need to be on toes to ensure their little one’s sound health and wellbeing. However, most parents would complain that even after taking all the due precautions and measures, some way or the other their baby incorporates a problem.

A simple answer to the above mentioned problem is that babies are constantly growing. What may be good for your baby today can be bad tomorrow! Talking about baby skin care, it demands a lot of attention and care. Almost all of you would agree that there is nothing as lovely as the soft, delicate skin of the baby, but nothing as irritating as a cranky baby who cries all day due to rashes, cradle cap or any other skin condition. The delicate skin of your baby needs utmost care and attention. A small rash can be extremely annoying for the baby and if not treated in due time, chances are it might take bigger shape in days to come. If like most new parents, you too are confused about how to maintain the proper skin care of your baby to keep him/her happy and comfortable; this section would be of immense help.

Baby Acne Treatment
Baby’s acne is a common occurrence in infants. These little red rough rashes are generally non-toxic and usually appear on the cheeks, nose, back and even tummy. It is basically transient in nature and painless, though the condition can aggravate if the baby comes in touch with saline water. However, to see your baby in distress is never a good feeling. A multiple number of reasons that are attributed to the occurrence of acne are hormonal causes

Baby Skin Care in Winter
Everyone is concerned about their skin care, especially in winters and of course, the most delicate creatures among us are babies, who deserve it the most. Humidity starts to vanish from air and you start battling against cold waves that dampens your baby’s skin badly. Efforts to keep skin healthy will count when your tiny todds will cuddle around your cheeks. Cold waves in winters may result in chapping

Baby Sun Protection
Wiggling toes, chubby little fingers, petal skin and glazing faces are the most prominent physical features of babies. However, they are also the most sensitive among all of us and can be badly affected by sunrays, if exposed to them without taking proper precautions and care. Their skin doesn’t produce enough melanin, which acts as a shield to harmful sun rays.

Every Day Baby Skin Care
The delicate and sensitive skin of your baby needs proper care. The air doesn’t seem to be so much pure and crisp as before and the pollution in the air and surroundings can irritate the skin resulting into more sensitiveness. Special attention and care has to be given to your tiny tots, and their skin should be taken care of everyday, apart from daily body massages.