Taking care of your little one might seem scary when you don’t know anything about baby care. Read on to know about daily care tips for infants.

Daily Baby Care

‘Who cares if things get any better when my newborn is three months old? I would have died from lack of sleep by then!’ This is what all the moms might feel at the end of each tiring day. Taking care of babies is definitely not a cakewalk. It calls in for a lot of patience, tolerance, and hard work on the part of parents. While you take the newborn for the first time in your arms, you would have never imagined how challenging it could be to take care of him/her. However once that little baby starts growing, a wholesome daily care for him/her becomes essential. It becomes the chief concern of all parents to determine what all their baby requires as part of daily care. Right from the time when the baby wakes up in the morning till he/she goes back to sleep at night, what all should we do? How should we feed them, make them take bath etc.? All these how’s keep haunting mothers day in and day out. This article will provide you with the guidelines which might prove helpful to you to chase these questions out of your life.

Daily Care For Babies

This is what your day might start if you are a mother of a newborn. You can expect eight to ten nappy change everyday. However, the number of change reduces as the baby grows up. Lots of nappies are actually a good sign. It shows that baby is getting all the fluids he/she needs.

To give bath to your baby might be the second task in a day. Babies generally run from taking bath as the feel of water may be a bit cold. It is better to give them bath in warm water. Until 6 months of age, you can bathe them in a little tub. Once they can sit up, you can shift them to normal bath tub. Ensure bath safety is kept top on mind, while cleaning up your babies. It is better to stick to non-soap cleanser, as it won’t irritate the baby’s skin the way soaps can. You can follow a basic order in cleaning up your baby. Wash the face first, their body second and the genitals last.

It is better to keep clothes practical and convenient enough. Stretchy body suits, t-shirt tops, cotton elastic waist pants and tops with envelope necks that stretch over head, make dressing and undressing easier. While taking your baby out, make sure they are protected well by sun and dust.

Oral Care
Most of the babies get their first tooth between 6-10 months, while few of them don’t get it till 12 months. You can start cleaning your baby’s teeth as soon as they appear. You can keep your baby’s smile fresh by using a clean wash cloth to gently rub the teeth clean, at least twice a day. After the breakfast and before going to bed are good times to give it a go. Even baby’s toothpaste is not recommended, until he/she is 2 yrs old.

Nail Care
It is important to keep your baby’s nail clean, as half the time their hands are in their mouth. You can use a small ordinary nail scissor or a child nail clipper. Be very careful and gentle, while using a nail clipper. Stop as soon as the baby protests and pulls the hand away, as it may hurt them. You can continue when they are asleep. A toy can make them distract and get over anxiety. Even if you want to just continue and get through with it, it is of no use as your baby might get scared and develops fear, it will make trimming almost impossible later on. Toe nails should always be clipped straight. Never round the edges as it may lead to ingrown toenails.

Nappy Rashes
Change your baby’s nappies as soon as possible after a poo, to avoid nappy rashes. Poo is acidic and can burn the skin. Apply a dollop of nappy rash cream right where it counts to prevent rashes. If your baby’s skin has rashes and it has become hard, its better to get it some air by letting them go bare bottom for a while.

Nose Cleaning
Cotton swabs and rolled up tissue can irritate the inside of your baby’s nose. Suck out the mucus with a baby nasal aspirator, if your baby is really stuffy. Saline drops may soften the mucus first. Cradle your baby or make him/her sit up while cleaning their nose.