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Feeding your baby is an exciting adventure for mothers and babies alike. This section deals with bottle-feeding your newborn baby.

Baby Feeding

The right start can help your baby develop a lifetime of healthy eating habits. The first year of a baby is very crucial as it is all about development, nutrition, exploration, sharing and learning. Feeding your baby is all the more an adventure for a mother. While feeding, breast milk is the best food for your newborn for the first six months of his life as it includes the right amount and quality of nutrients to suit the baby�s first food needs. Breast milk contains antibodies and other immune factors that help your baby prevent and fight off illness better. Though breast milk is the best food for your baby, it does not meet all the baby�s nutritional requirements.

As far as feeding your baby with milk is concerned, cow�s milk-based infant formula milk is the next best choice. At 6 months, it is advisable to introduce your baby to other foods. In fact, your baby will indicate you when he is ready to take on other foods. These include your baby will start feeling hungry frequently, he/ she is able to sit up without support, shows interest in food when others are eating, and lets you know that he does not require more food by leaning back or turning his head away. This section of baby care deals with introducing your baby to formula milk, tips on bottle feeding, and sanitizing those bottles. It also covers how to choose baby nipples and bottles and problems related to feeding your baby.

Baby Feeding Chart
Anxiety over feeding your newborn can drive you into frenzy! Most new parents are often worried about how often and how much they should feed their little ones. What more, contradictory advices from friends and folks like feed your baby when hungry or feed your newborns after every two hours can make you feel quite helpless? Coming up with the right feeding chart for your baby can be quite an accomplishment.

Baby Feeding Problems
If you are seriously bothered with your little one throwing up or gagging every time you feed him, reading this article will surely help. Feeding problems is very common among babies, although it might trigger panic button in mums at times. Choking while eating or refusing to eat are some of the characteristic plights of baby feeding woes. Feeding is the ultimate bonding experience for a mother and her child.

Bottle Feeding Tips
Making your baby shift from breastfeeding to bottle might be a tedious task. Almost all the parents face the problem ensuring a smooth transition pertaining to this. Babies who are breastfed find it very difficult to digest a sudden change in the schedule. They may refuse the bottle when introduced to them for the first time. It is very difficult to make babies get used to something, and when they get used to something

Choosing Formula Milk
Deciding on whether to breastfeed or formula feed your baby is one of the first major choices that you have to make as parents. Although nothing can equal the advantages of breastfeeding, it may not be possible for all women to nurse their little ones. Comfortability, lifestyle, and at times, medical concerns require us to make that big decision for our babies. In case you prefer to go for formula food

Choosing Nipples & Bottles
Do you wish to get a feeding bottle for your baby but have the least idea on what to buy? Feeding bottles can play a crucial role when it comes to feeding your child and parents are usually anxious to make the best pick. Choosing the right bottle can make the challenging work of feeding your little one a child's play. For some parents, figuring out their child�s preference can be an easy bet

Feeding Picky Eater Baby
After spending hours in the kitchen slicing, dicing, saut�ing and sweating, you prepare a nutritionally balanced, delicious delight only to realize that your baby is not enjoying it. While eating solid food is a new experience for your toddler, he/ she require time to get used to the various colors, textures and tastes of new food. As toddlers crave consistency and familiarity, most of them do not try on new foods unless you serve them numerous times.

Sanitizing Baby Bottles
Babies are quiet vulnerable to viruses, bacteria and parasitic infections. These infections can lead to any mild attack of thrush to the more serious conditions of gastroenteritis. So to save your babies from these infections, it is important to keep them in a clean and healthy environment. One of the very important items that need utmost care is your baby�s feeding bottle. Baby�s bottle should be properly sanitized.