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Your baby has swollen red eyes and you are looking for a treatment? Do not worry. Follow the article to know about treating conjunctivitis in infants.

Conjunctivitis in Babies

Conjunctivitis is caused by an infection of lining of the eyelids and of the outer protective layer of the eye called the conjunctiva. It can be caused because of a virus or any allergy and leads to sore, red and sticky eyes. Though it is not something serious, but is definitely uncomfortable. Some kinds of conjunctivitis may cause damage to the eyes if not attended on time. If it is due to an allergy, it will always come with other signs like fever including itchy nose and sneezing, while making the eyes feel itchy. But, if it is caused by some bacteria, both the eyes will always be infected with gritty feeling and pus. Conjunctivitis is notorious in nature and is a welcoming infection. It is welcoming in the sense it can get transmitted to anyone who comes in contact with the infected person. So a great deal of care and precaution need to be taken by parents whose babies are infected. They should keep the surrounding clean; keep themselves and their hands clean before coming near the infected child. There are other precautions and remedies that if followed can prove to be of great help to the mothers and their babies.

Conjunctivitis Treatment for Baby