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Down syndrome is a genetic disorder resulting into mental and physical retardation. Read on to know its causes and treatment in babies/ infants.

Down Syndrome in Baby

Upward slanting eyes, unusual looking ears, broad hands with short fingers, sometimes pinkish in color, small head are all characteristic features of Down syndrome. It sends waves of terror down your spine when you imagine the condition associated with down baby syndrome. Scientifically, it is the presence of an extra copy of chromosome 21 in the body. Down syndrome usually carries slow mental and physical growth. Even language also develops slowly and in the worst cases babies are born with heart problems and needs to be operated later. It is hard to believe that babies with Down syndrome are nothing but incomplete bodies marred with wrong functioning. It can also lead to hearing impairment and vision problems too, accompanied by intestinal infections. Babies can be treated over a period of time as they grow older and are resistant enough to bear pain involved in operations. Read on to know the causes and treatment of Down Syndrome in babies.

It is really one of the most disheartening moments in one�s life when one comes to know that the much awaited baby has arrived, but with Down syndrome. The relief is that you treatment can help to alleviate the condition to a certain extent.