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Flat head syndrome is a condition that occurs in many a baby. Read on to know the cause and treatment of flat head syndrome in babies/ infants.

Flat Head Syndrome in Baby

Babies are like newly published books that seem to reveal some new and astounding information every now and then. Babies are born with waxy and pliable organs and can develop some dramatic problems arising due to resting in the same position for longer times, may be in car seat or their beds. You can find their head to be flat at some spots. In this case, you can always encourage the babies to rest their heads in alternative directions. You should take notice that they are not sleeping at one particular position and turn them whenever you can. You just have to make sure that the baby doesn�t take pressure on a particular area of the head and even if the head has been flattened before, it can be resume normal shape again. Adding to your relief is the fact that flat head syndrome is purely a cosmetic issue and doesn�t relate to the mental development of a baby. Yet it is a matter to be thought about. Read on to know the causes and treatment of flat head syndrome in babies.