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Is your baby inactive and tired? Does your child have a pale skin colour? These are signs of anemia. Read on explore what causes anemia in newborns/babies.

Anemia In Babies

Your active and playful child suddenly displays signs of tiredness, weakness, irritation and has a pale face. These are nothing, but signs of anemia. Anemia is a condition in which there is an abnormally low level of RBC�s and hemoglobin in the body. Red blood cells are the oxygen carrying cells, so when they become less in number, the body has to work harder to generate enough oxygen. To identify anemia in adults is not a difficult job, as they exhibit clear signs. However, tracking anemia symptoms in newborns is rather difficult. Only a very observant and keen mother would be able to notice in her baby. The most typical signs of anemia in babies are tiredness, inactiveness and pale skin. It is important to know the cause of anemia in your baby, to treat it at the earliest. Read the article to know what the causes of anemia in newborns are.

Main Causes Of Anemia In A Baby

Abnormality in Hemoglobin
The structure and function of RBC�s depends upon the quality and quantity of hemoglobin present in the body. Certain inherited disease may cause abnormality in the hemoglobin. This in turn, causes the life of RBC�s to reduce and they get destroyed at a higher rate. When the bone marrow is not able to keep pace with the dying cells, anemia occurs. One such example is the sickle cell anemia. However, this problem is not so common with the babies.

Abnormal Shape of RBCs
Blood vessels are little tubes which run throughout the body. Sometimes, these tubes are large, while sometimes they are microscopic. They tubes may be so small that at times, only one RBC can fit in through. Normally, red blood cells are in shape of a doughnut, giving them enough flexibility to pass through these small passages. However, if the RBC�s are of abnormal shape, they may get stuck in the tube, causing it to fleece and destroy, thus resulting in anemia

Deformity in Bone Marrow
The bone marrow plays an important role in producing RBC�s. If some deformity takes place in the body, it will hamper the functioning of the bone marrow. Certain viruses and medications may cause such a dysfunction. Leukemia or cancer of the bone marrow also leads to a decrease in the production of normal RBC�s.

Lack Of Proper Nutrition
To make RBC�s, the body needs adequate amount of iron, foliate and vitamin B12. A lack of iron and vitamins leads to inadequate RBC production in the body and thus, anemia. However, this usually occurs in infants on whole cow�s milk, prior to one year of age and premature babies. Breastfed infants hardly encounter this problem.

Other Causes