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Your baby may suffer from high fever during the teething process. Read on to know the symptoms and treatment of teething fever in babies/infants.

Baby Teething Fever

Each baby has different teething patterns and symptoms, which can be generally recognized by fever, drooling, cranky behavior and swollen gums. It takes a great deal of time in this process and involves much pain for them leading to discomfort and laziness. Babies generally do not have very high fever and the body temperature goes to a maximum of 100 degree Fahrenheit. In case it is more than that, parents should consult pediatricians for any medication advice. Most of the times, Pediatrics normally allow the baby to go through the teething process without any medication and gradually, they become fine. Teething also happens to be the root cause of ear infection due to the development of pressure on the infant�s ear canal and sinus cavities by eruption of the new tooth. The process of teething can also follow hereditary patterns and will have almost similar patterns as per their parents. Read on to know more about teething in babies and its treatment.