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Once you recognize the sleep routines of your baby, life will become much easier for you. With the tips given here, learn your infant bedtime routine.

Baby Sleep Routines

Though babies sleep a lot, it may not be in long sessions. In the initial weeks, the baby will take a number of naps, which may vary in length. As a result, he/she will have no set sleep sequence. Hence, his/her sleep pattern can vary from not sleeping to sleeping every now and then. The most difficult for the parents is the interrupted sleep, which the baby has at night. A newborn may make wake up two to five times during the night. The time spent sleeping at night may increase once the baby is about four weeks old. He/she learns to stay awake during the day and sleep at night, by the time he/she is three or four months old. Some babies may still continue to wake up at night.

From the health point of view, the length and the frequency of sleep is of no consequence. In the initial months following his birth, a healthy baby will sleep as and when he wants, according to his need to sleep. This need to sleep may vary greatly from one baby to the other. Some newborn babies need only eight hours of sleep, while others may sleep for almost 21 hours. Parents find it easier when they can create a specific sleep pattern for the baby, for the day as well as night. This also creates a regular sleep routine for the baby. When the baby is about six weeks old, you can try to introduce a regular sleep routine. Often babies create their own sleep routines by the third or fourth month and will follow them without any help from their parents. Here are some suggestions that you can include while trying to create a sleep routine for you baby.

Baby Bedtime Routine Tips
You can make your own routine with the help of these suggestions. An efficient routine is the one, at the end of which, the baby falls asleep and you don't have to repeat the routine. Parents, who feel sad to see their baby sleep and miss them when they are asleep, should try a bedtime routine, as it will help them as much as it helps the baby. This routine may be disturbed when the baby is ill or you have overnight guests. But the sooner you have a bedtime routine in place, the better it is for both your baby and you, as the baby will learn to fit into your sleep pattern.