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To ensure your baby grows healthy, you must be aware of how to give baby massage. Read on to explore massage tips for infants.

Baby Massage

Baby massage is an ancient childcare practice that is still practiced all over the world. Recent medical research has proven the benefits of the same. Studies have shown that premature babies when regularly massaged require minimum hospitalization. All newborns show healthy growth, more weight gain and thrive better if they are massaged well and regularly. A good oil massage soothes and calms a baby, helps him/her to relax and sleep better and makes him/her more alert during the waking hours. It is a good exercise and promotes motor activity and emotional security in a child, besides a healthy body and muscular development. It stimulates digestion and helps the baby pass gas. Here are some massage tips for infants.

How To Give Baby Massage
You can continue to massage your baby till he/she is three or four years old, as the benefits of a good massage are numerous.