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Twins means double delight as well as and double responsibility. Read on to know tips on getting twins to sleep and helping them enjoy a sound sleep.

Getting Twins To Sleep

Twins are double delight, but this fun can also get along double of problems and responsibilities as well. Having twin babies is quite lucky and can be a great fun only if you know how to handle them together. It becomes troublesome at times for parents to take care of twins, especially when both are as demanding and as fussy. There are a number of problems which parents of twins might face. One such problem can be to make both the crying babies to sleep peacefully. Babies need, at least, 10-12 hours of sleep. It can get a bit difficult with twins, to make them get the required amount of sleep. They may be too restless and playful together and may just refuse to sleep. What will you do in situations like that? Read on to find some tips on getting your twins to sleep without any difficulty.

Helping Twins To Sleep

Put Them To Bed Drowsy
Your babies should learn to sleep on their own the moment they get on bed. One of the ways to do it is to gradually and slowly help them get to sleep. Making them tired will not help much, as they may tend to get restless.

Take Them To Bed At The Same Time
You need to decide what is simpler? Your twins going to bed at the same time, or at different times. It is better and simpler for you if you develop a same time schedule for your twins. Keeping your toddlers on same sleep schedule is the key for developing a healthy sleeping pattern for them, and also giving you some time off.

Establish A Bed Time Routine
Toddlers love to have a fixed routine. Develop a simple and useful bed time routine to help them get sleep easily. A warm bath, a bed time story, cuddling, back rubbing and little talk can prepare your babies well for a good sleep. Sticking to the routine will also act as a signal for the toddlers that it is time for them to call it a day.

Soft Music
Some soft soothing noises created by slow music, hair dryer etc. can also help your babies to sleep faster. Any kind of slow music like classical or jazz can help them go to sleep much faster than usual.

Your Presence
Along with soft music, if they get your presence next to them, nothing will be as soothing to them as that moment. Your presence next to them will help them feel secure and will put them at ease. Try and sing some lullaby or a rhyme or read a book to them. All this will make them sleep faster.

Discourage Talking
When babies are together they have many things to discuss and do. Discourage any nighttime talking between the twins. You can keep them quiet as night. Let the room be dimly lit, do not encourage much talking or playing. You can also provide self soothers like a soft toy, or a blanket to sleep with. These objects will divert their attention from each other and will help them go off to sleep.

Attend To The Calmer One First
You may feel right to attend to the naughty one first and then go to the calmer one. You should always attend to the calmer one first, make him/her sleep and then go back to the brat. If you will always attend the naughtier one at first, the calmer one will lose all attention which he/she should get, because all your time will go in calming down the noisy one. Therefore, break the cycle once in a while.