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If you have decided to bottle feed your baby/infant, read on to find some useful tips on bottle feeding the babies in the right way.

Bottle Feeding Your Baby

Deciding to bottle-feed your breast-feeding baby is a conscious step taken by mothers, when they want to return to their original routines. Either they want some time off from their babies, or have to return to working. It is better to think carefully about bottle-feeding as many children learn to use a cup for drinking without even going through the bottle phase. Timing plays an important role in making your baby learn to bottle-feed. If bottle-feeding is introduced too soon, then the baby may give up breast-feeding. If introduced too late, the baby may not want to give up breast-feeding. Not all babies need to be taught to bottle-feed, a number of them take to it without much fuss. In case you are looking for some tips on bottle feeding your baby, read the article to find the same.

Bottle Feeding Your Infant