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After some time, your baby will have to be introduced to feeding from bottle. Read on for tips on introducing bottle to the breastfed baby.

Introducing Bottle To Baby

There is no doubt about the fact the breast-feeding is better than feeding the baby formula milk. Many mothers would like to bottle-feed their babies after sometime. Some babies, who have been breast-fed, may take to bottle-feeding as soon as it is introduced. Babies may prefer it; especially if they are having trouble having being breastfed. But many breastfed babies refuse the bottle, when the change is introduced. Practical experience shows that this is especially true with children, when they are breast-fed till an older age However, you will be introducing bottle to the baby sooner or later. Read on to find helpful tips on to make the transition smooth for your baby.

Introducing Bottle To Breastfed Baby
It has been found that newborn babies, who are bottle-fed regularly, often forget how to suck milk from the breast. They may even need to relearn being breast-fed. Experts are still trying to find an explanation for this behavior. Therefore, it is best to introduce bottle-feeding only after breast-feeding is well established. If you want to avoid using a bottle, you could try spoon-feeding your baby or use cups specially made for babies. It has been found that babies, who use these cups, comfortably take to breast-feeding later on. However, it is important to learn the correct technique of using this cup from a trained person. Mothers are often concerned and wonder whether bottle-feeding will affect the health of the child. However, bottle-fed babies grow to be just as healthy as breast-fed babies.

Breastfeeding vs. Bottle-feeding
Breast-feeding does not ensure that you child will never fall ill. Although studies show that they are more resistant to common ailments as compared to formula-fed babies. Colic in babies, in both cases is more or less the same. Where sleep is concerned, it is true that formula-fed babies, sleep better and longer at night. One possible explanation is that, formula milk takes longer to digest than breast milk. Therefore, babies who are bottle-fed sleep longer between feeds. Therefore, mothers may use formula milk to ensure that babies sleep through the night. On the other hand, breast feeding the infant during the night may be slightly inconvenient for the mother, but she doesn’t need to get up and prepare bottle-milk in case the baby needs it during the night. Ultimately, it is for the mother to decide what the best option for her and her baby is.