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Cleaning your baby’s eyes is an important part of his/her overall hygiene. Read on to find some tips on how to clean an infant’s eyes.

Cleaning Baby's Eyes

Eyes are said to be the mirror to the soul. In the case of babies, their eyes truly mirror what they are inside - innocent and pure. Their eyes gaze out in wonder at the colorful new world around them. These precious organs need proper care and good hygiene. It does not take much effort to clean your baby’s eyes. All that is needed is a regular cleaning routine and periodical clinical check of your baby’s eyes. Clinical experiences and research have shown that at 6 months, the average child has reached the critical development milestone, making it the age for the first medical assistance. Visual abilities are fully working by the age of six months. So at this age, no risk should be taken with regard to the baby’s eyes and it should be cleaned and examined at regular intervals. Read on for tips on cleaning your baby’s eyes.

How to Clean a Baby’s Eyes
Note: Some babies are born with blocked tear ducts. It causes tears to form in eyes and roll down the cheeks. Blocked tear ducts should be evaluated by a pediatrician, as it may require treatment if any infection develops.