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Body odor is the major concern of many parents, who want their babies to smell pleasant. Read on to know the causes and remedies for infant body odor.

Body Odor in Babies

Body Odor in Babies Body odor is one of the most common problems in any individual; they can be kids, adults or even your little angels. It�s a matter of wonder that even these little ones have problems like body odors. Although babies do not have a bad body odor, it is important enough to take notice of it and know the why�s and how�s of it. Generally, babies may have two kinds of body odors, one can be the milky odor and the other can be urine odor. Babies may also have occasional body odors like a sour smell, when they have split up or have sweated and there is dirt trapped around them. Even babies with thicker and shorter necks may face this problem more frequently, because dirt gets stuck on the neck and results in odor. Sometimes underarms are also affected by body odor, because it�s one of the main areas to sweat and if it�s more than normal, it can lead to bad irritation and even redness of skin. In this situation, a baby skin specialist ought to be consulted for cures. Read on to know about the causes of body odor and precautionary measures to avoid them.

Causes for Baby Body Odor
Below given are some of the major causes that may lead to body odor in your little one.
Remedies For Infant Body Odor
Body odors in babies can be very problematic and also affect the mood of the baby. His/her unpleasant smell and can lead to long periods of crying! Read on to know more about the remedies to body odor.

Baby Powders
Soft touch baby powders are available in the market and can be used to prevent the general body odors due to perspiration and can reduce sweat and resulting odors.

Fragrant Baby Wipes
Baby wipes have a sweet fragrant smell and after babies feed, can be used to wipe their mouths and other parts, which they playfully make dirty leaving a nice fragrance around them.

Rosemary Herb
Rosemary is a light herb and can be used with massaging oil of your babies, making them smell pleasant.

Clothing is an area many people overlook. Loosely fitting clothes allow the body to breathe better than tight clothes. The perspiration escapes and doesn't become a breeding ground for bacteria. The type of fabric is also very important. Synthetic fabrics for shoes and clothes don't allow the body to breathe, so use all natural fabrics for babies and make them feel better also avoiding pollution to enter.