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Sanitizing baby bottles saves your child against attack by viral and bacterial attack. Read on to find tips on how to sanitize/sterilize baby bottles.

Sanitizing Baby Bottles

Babies are quiet vulnerable to viruses, bacteria and parasitic infections. These infections can lead to any mild attack of thrush to the more serious conditions of gastroenteritis. So to save your babies from these infections, it is important to keep them in a clean and healthy environment. One of the very important items that need utmost care is your baby’s feeding bottle. Baby’s bottle should be properly sanitized. Some people think that a bottle just bought from the store is clean, so what is the need of sanitizing it. The newly bought bottles are actually not clean. The bottles and nipples are coated with many chemicals, while they were being manufactured. Thereafter, they are packaged by people, sent to stores and then stocked on the shelves by people, thus traveling through many hands. Another important reason for which you should sterilize the bottles is bacteria. Have you ever forgotten the bottle in the diaper bag? Have you ever left the bottle unwashed for a certain time period to wash it later? Bacteria can grow in these bottles very easily, due to the milk particles left in the bottle, the warmth inside the bottle, and the dampness inside. So, to keep away these bacteria and infection from affecting your kid, it is advisable to sterilize the bottles properly. Sterilizing the bottles will keep them germ free and fresh, and will save your baby from any risk of getting infected.

How To Sanitize Baby’s Bottles