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You may need some help while choosing baby bottles and nipples. Read on to find valuable tips on how to choose nipples and bottles for infants.

Choosing Nipples & Bottles

Do you wish to get a feeding bottle for your baby but have the least idea on what to buy? Feeding bottles can play a crucial role when it comes to feeding your child and parents are usually anxious to make the best pick. Choosing the right bottle can make the challenging work of feeding your little one a child's play. For some parents, figuring out their child’s preference can be an easy bet, while for some, especially the new ones, it can be quite an uphill task. New mothers often struggle in choosing what is best for their baby. Contradiction of views in regard to feeding bottle can just add to their plight. With so many options to choose from, picking the right bottle for your baby is never an easy win. There are certain crucial things to be considered while buying your feeding bottle – the size, shape, material and types of the bottle and the nipple. Being aware of the little niceties about feeding bottle can actually bail you out from the gargantuan pressure of choosing your bottle. Here is a brief guide on how to choose the best nipples & bottles for infants.

Choosing Baby Bottles & Nipples

Find Your Bottle
The first big challenge is always to find out the right kind of bottle for your baby. You will find a great variety of bottles available in the market ranging from the basic ones to anti-colic bottles, sterilizer bottles, disposable bottles, and glass-feeding ones. Basic feeding bottles are easy on your pocket and easy to maintain. Sterilizer bottles and glass bottles, though little expensive, are a healthier option to go for. Anti-colic bottles are the best bet for babies who suffer with heavy and queasy stomach.

Size Matters
The next important thing to take into account is the size of the bottle. The appetite of a baby usually varies with age. While a newborn may need a smaller bottle, the slightly older ones may want a bigger size. However, it’s wise to go for a bigger bottle as your baby will need more food per meal, as he/she gradually grows up. Never try to fill the bottle all the way up from the beginning. Also, it is advisable to go for bottles that have colorful, easy-to-read measurements on them rather than the colorless ones as they are difficult to read once the bottle is filled.

Glass vs. Plastic
Are you still undecided on whether to opt for a glass bottle or a plastic one for your little one? The basic problem with glass bottles is that they are heavy, expensive and cumbersome in comparison to the light weight, unbreakable, chic looking and more economical plastic bottles. But think twice before picking your bottle! Recent study reveals that the plastic found in baby bottles can cause potentially harmful damages to your child. In case you still wish to go for plastic bottles, it is best recommended to go for any bottle that has “#7” recycling symbol or “PC” on the bottom. Also, discard any bottles that look scratched and cloudy.

Shape Of The Bottle
If your baby suffers from post-meal fussiness, the shape of the bottle is what you should concentrate on while buying your bottle. Some babies ingest more air while eating that can cause tummy discomforts. In such cases, it is advisable to opt for bottles with an air vent system. Bottles with unusual shapes, such as the angular shaped bottles prevent air from entering into baby’s stomach, thereby reducing all discomforts.

Drop In Bottle Liners
If you are much terrorized with the thought of washing and sterilizing the bottle each time your baby feeds, check out for the drop-in bottle liners. These bendable plastic bags easily fit inside the feeding bottles and are disposable. This reduces your chore to just cleaning the nipple and rinsing the other parts. Also, these drop-in bottle liners allow lesser air into the bottle making them safe for babies who suffer with wind. A drop-in bottle does not contain harmful chemicals and are safe for your babies.

Shape Of The Nipple
While deciding on your bottle, stress should be laid on finding the right shaped nipple for your baby. The choice varies from- traditional, orthodontic, or flat-topped nipples. You need to understand your child’s comfortability. Orthodontic nipples are shaped to support your child’s palate and gums. If the baby had been weaned earlier, he/she would prefer a fuller sized nipple against the flat artificial ones. In that case, it is advisable to opt for flat topped nipples that resemble the shape of a mother’s breast.

Choosing The Right Flow
You should always check the speed of the fluid coming out of the nipple before picking your bottle. Most brands sell nipples designed for slow or fast flow. Nearly all newborns need a slower nipple in the beginning. Make sure that you don’t choke your little one with excess inflow of food. For growing babies, however, you need a faster nipple with a wide hole for convenient sucking.

Material For The Nipple
There are plenty of options available in the market when choosing for nipple- latex, silicone, rubber. Latex nipples are soft and wear out easily. While picking up the nipples, always go for the silicone ones over the dark-colored latex nipples. They don’t pick up smell or taste and aren’t potential carriers of allergies too. Also silicone nipples are hard to chew, thereby making them a safe option for your precious little ones.