Parents should be extra cautious to understand the needs of a premature baby/ infant. Read on to know more about premature babies and their needs.

Premature Baby Needs

What babies look for in their parents is a secure and caring hand. Babies really do require that extra bit of care and concern. When a baby is premature, he/she requires even more care and protection. Premature babies often are lacking in some or the other aspect, as compared to a normal baby. Special care for preemies is required to overcome any developmental loopholes. Premature babies face a number of physical and emotional challenges, such as impaired vision and hearing, jaundice and anemia etc. These are definitely situations to be handled medically, but parents also play a major role in promoting healthy development of their babies. Parents can help the premature babies to give emotional strength to develop both mentally and physically. However, there are times when the parents may not know what their babies need or expect from them, and how they need to take care of their premature babies. This article will provide you information on what is it that your premature baby needs from you.

Premature Babies & Their Needs