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Is your premature baby growing at the right pace, or is he/she lagging behind? Read on to know the preemie growth chart and pattern of development.

Premature Baby Growth Chart

You can measure your premature baby�s growth by a growth chart. A growth chart is a tool that the specialists use to evaluate and keep a track of your baby�s physical growth. Parents at times get worried with the results of this experiment, especially if the baby is premature. They should remember that their child will grow at his/her own pace, and that this test is conducted to get the data, so that you can work towards the better growth of your kid if he/she is lagging behind. Growth chart is just a normal guide for you and your doctor to keep a track of your baby�s growth, there is nothing to get worried with the result. What a growing baby requires is just the intake of all necessary nutrients and fluids. If the baby is getting these nutrients in some form or the other, there is nothing to worry, as the baby will grow at his/her own pace. This article will provide you with information on growth chart and how can you measure the growth of your premature baby.

Preemie Growth Chart Tips

Doctor�s Way Of Measurement

The doctor or the nurse will put your baby on a scale, either a traditional beam scale or an electronic model, to weigh them. Both the types will be set to zero before your baby is laid down. Your baby should not be wearing any clothing during this test. The measurement is usually taken in kilograms and recorded to the tenth of a kilo. The doctor or nurse will tell you your baby�s weight in pounds to the closet ounce.

Head Circumference
The doctor will measure your baby�s head with a flexible measuring tape. He will place the tape at the area where the circumference is largest, like just above your baby�s eyebrows and ears, around the back of their head. It is important to measure your baby�s head circumference to get to know whether your baby�s brain is growing properly and at the right pace or not. The brain growth is reflected in the size of the skull. So, if your baby�s brain is not growing normally, his/her head circumference may not be increasing as it should. There is even a problem if the circumference of the head is increasing very fast. This means your baby�s brain is growing very fast, which may be an indicator of problems like hydrocephalus (the formation of and buildup of fluid in the brain). Both the ends are quite dangerous and alarming, so the brain growth should just be apt. but do not get alarmed if your baby�s head looks big. If you have any doubt, go for a checkup, as the head may look big even because either of the parent�s head is big.

The doctor or the nurse will measure your baby from the top of their head to the bottom of their heel. Some practitioners use a special device with a headboard and a movable footboard for accurate results. There is again nothing to get worried with the measurement, as your baby will grow only as much he/she should. The length of the baby is also affected by his/her genes.

Growth Measurement At Home