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Sun rays can harm babies badly, which makes sun protection for infants necessary. Read on to find sun safety tips for baby.

Baby Sun Protection

Wiggling toes, chubby little fingers, petal skin and glazing faces are the most prominent physical features of babies. However, they are also the most sensitive among all of us and can be badly affected by sunrays, if exposed to them without taking proper precautions and care. Their skin doesn’t produce enough melanin, which acts as a shield to harmful sun rays. At the same time, if babies are inappropriately exposed to sun rays and get a sun burn, they can develop malignant melanoma later in life. It is a common belief that a couple of hours of sun exposure in a day helps babies to absorb vitamin D and all the metabolic functions in the body can be very well regulated by it. However, what matters is the time when expose your child to the sun. When the sun rays are the harshest, they can burn your baby’s skin badly. Read on to know such more facts about baby sun protection and tips to protect your baby from the harmful rays of sun.

Sun Safety Tips For Babies