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Will the paints alone be captivating enough for your baby’s nursery? Read on know some creative and amazing wall decoration ideas & tips for nursery.

Nursery Wall Decor

Your baby’s nursery is going to be his/her sanctuary for many years to come. Baby’s nursery should be made as attractive and colorful as possible. One of the ways in which you can make the nursery look colorful and attractive is by different wall arts. The wall of the nursery room is the biggest area of the room. It is even an important part of the room and so, it is important to decorate it well to improve the décor of the room. Whatever design or pattern you choose, ensure that it makes a positive impact on the décor of the nursery and make it look more welcoming. Many people prefer painting using combination of different colors; you can try and give the room a designer border to make it look different. Decorating the wall of a nursery is an easy task if you do it in your own little ways, using your creativity and art. There is no need to depend on the readily available frames or patterns. Doing it on your own will help save money and also give a personal and different look to the nursery. Read on to know more on nursery wall décor.

Nursery Wall Decor Ideas

Canvas Murals
Painting a mural may not be a great idea for everyone. So, you can buy a large canvas on it instead. Buying a canvas may be a bit expensive but, not all that expensive for a permanent mural of your choice. You can paint any shape or design mural on the canvas and stick it to the wall to add on to the charisma of nursery.

Fabric Embroidery
This is an excellent choice for decorating a colorful nursery. Fabric gives you a cheap and colorful way to decorate. It will help you avoid heavy items or frames with glass for safety. This gives a whole new color décor and can be changed from time to time. You can tape up any fabric with double stick tape, like faux wallpapering. You can use multi-color fabric for stripes or can also use funky prints. You can even make colorful curtains for your baby’s room. This will provide a peaceful ambiance to the nursery.

Torn Children Books
You can show your creativity with childhood story or fairy books which are not to be used anymore. You can create different wall arts with them and can even change them with newer ones. Any picture book or a comic book, which is not in use now, can be used to make different cards or clippings to add to the beauty to the nursery’s wall.

Making monograms using different objects and by the name of your child is a good way to personalize the nursery. Monograms can be made using any object not in use and can be made colorful using different fabrics and papers.

Wall Clocks
There are various baby wall clocks available in the market. There are clocks with different shapes and designs as your baby desires, which can be added on to decorate your baby’s nursery.