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Decorating is a brilliant idea and creatively thrilling for the one, who is in charge. Read on to find different types of nursery theme ideas for your baby nursery.

Nursery Themes

There is a new member coming to the house! Your ideas start flowing. This is the best time for you to float in your imaginations and put them to use without anyone to stop you. One such place, where you can show your creativity to the fullest, is your baby’s nursery. Nursery is the place where your baby will spend the growing years of his/her lives. It is very important to provide the best nursery to your kid, which should be a sublime blend of both beauty and intelligence. A nursery should be both colorful and welcoming and at the same time, should provide a learning ground to your kids. Decorating a nursery is just about exhibiting your creative side to suit you and your baby’s taste. Read on to know about the different types of nursery themes and take your pick!

Baby Nursery Themes

The Number Theme
Put numbers on the wall, bedding and wooden blocks. Place a calculator, an abacus and ruler on the shelves. This will inspire your child to like math.

The Artistic Theme
You can use crayons, water colors, posters, ribbons, pallets and just about anything to show your creativity and make your baby’s nursery look fancy. You can even make fingerprints on the walls to bring a sense of belongingness.

Jungle Theme
This is a fun theme to apply. You can put pictures of exotic animals such as lions, tigers, monkeys and parrots on the wall. You can put wallpapers looking like rainforest with brightly colored flowers and trees.

Alphabet Theme
This theme will facilitate the learning process of your kids. You can inspire a love of reading in them by putting up shelves and making a library with baby books, along with literary works. You can stencil the alphabets on the wall of your baby’s nursery and leave alphabet blocks in their nursery for them to play with as they grow up.

Travel Theme
If you love travelling and want your baby to also develop a flair for travelling, why not decorate the nursery with globes, maps, and photos of famous landmarks around the world? Imagine the curiosity you can arouse in your child, when he/she will see different places on their wall.

Black And White Theme
One of the oldest ideas of a nursery is having black and white furniture against white walls. You can use different color pillows, sheets as accents to stimulate your baby’s curiosity.

Soothing Designs
One of the popular themes for any parent is to paint a blue sky with fluffy white clouds on the ceiling. This gives a soothing and peaceful environment. You can even mix a bit of jitter in your paint by painting stars as well.

Western Theme
You can have fun while applying this theme. If you know the sex of your baby, you can dress the room up with cow boys or cow girls or both. Use stencils of horses to paint on walls and furniture.

Underwater Theme
Paint seahorses, starfish and other sea animals on the wall or buy a plush wall covering with an underwater theme. This will give a whimsical look to the room. Use soft colors that are soothing.

Innovative Theme
One of the simple themes that you can use is that of bright against bland. Pick a few key elements in the room like the wall, part or full ceiling, cushions, the dresser, crib linens and dress them up in a bright color and leave the rest in plain color, may be white.