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Help your baby get a safe and comfortable ride in the most suitable pram. Read on to learn more about different types/ kinds of baby pram.

Baby Prams

Baby prams are the most important thing that you will be buying for your baby. Buying the pram for your baby for the first time is not at all an easy task. Pram is something which will be transporting your baby from one location to the other. You go for a walk, go out for a picnic, it will be the pram that will be carrying your baby. Therefore, it is very important on your part to buy a pram that is both safe and comfortable for your baby, and the one that gives a smooth ride on all kinds of terrains. The pram that you are buying for your baby should be comfortable and easy to handle. It should be portable and not too bulky, at the same time; it should be spacious enough for the baby. There are plenty of options available in the market. This article will help you buy the best pram for your baby by giving you information on different kinds of prams.

Types of Baby Prams

Coach Built Prams
A coach built pram comes with a wide hood, a generous frame and large wheels. It has good suspension and good shock absorption abilities, which means comfortable ride for your baby. These kinds of prams are quite spacious and give enough space for your baby to stretch, turn and lie flat. It is very easy to handle these prams and it also takes care of the comfort and safety of the baby with its sturdy chassis and padded mattress. The only disadvantage of these kinds of prams is that they are very expensive and are not easily available. They are even bulky and once your baby grows up, you will need a stroller instead.

Three-In-One Prams
Pram style pushchairs are very common for newborn babies. They come with features like enclosed carrycots that can be pulled out and have swivel wheels. These models come with seats that can help you position the baby either facing you or away from you. They can even have a separate pushchair unit that can be securely attached and detached from the pram unit. The benefit of having a carryout is that one can use them to carry the baby during naps or feeding time.

Two-In-One Prams
These are prams with a chassis and a seat with a hood. It can serve the purpose of both a pram, when in reclining position and a pushchair when upright. The price tag is always a disadvantage for these kinds of prams. These are bulky, heavy and not at all suitable for city life and long travels. One more point of concern is that your baby might outgrow the pram quickly and then you will end up settling for a cheaper and more compact stroller.

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