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Baby carriage provides a safe and comfortable ride to your baby. Read on to know about the different types/kinds of baby carriages or strollers.

Baby Carriage

Going for an evening walk? Want to go shopping? But you cannot leave your baby alone; and this is when the baby carriages comes to your rescue and proves handy. Baby carriage is one of the most important and significant purchase you will make for your baby. Buying a baby carriage sounds to be a simple task, but one should keep in mind that a carriage should be comfortable as well as safe for your baby to get a secure ride. There are many types of carriages available in the market. The key to remember is to get the one, which is convenient for both your baby and you. You must also check and make sure that the carriage you are buying is not shaky and all its metal frames are strong and sturdy. Parents can even consult their neighbors or people who are already using a carriage to find out which carriage is the most common and favorite of all. Read on to know about the different types of baby carriages and know which one suits you and your baby the best.

Types Of Baby Carriage

Umbrella Carriage
This kind of carriage is vey portable and user-friendly. It is light-weighted and quiet inexpensive. It consists of a pouch that one can sling around the metal frame, with an umbrella. These are very easy to carry and also delicate and therefore, cannot carry much stuff.

These are heavy and large strollers. They contain a basket, reclining back, a padded seat and a canopy. These carriages are quite smooth because of large wheels. This type of carriage can also be used for infants, as it can be adjusted and made into an upright seat.

Lightweight Carriage
These carriages are made up of aluminum and are quite inflexible and sturdy. Lightweight carriage is similar to the standard carriage and involves more or less the same convenient features. These are much expensive than an umbrella carriage.

Jogging Carriage
These carriages are designed for parents who love to jog along with their babies. They are light weighted, come with three large types of tires, shock absorbers and can be rolled smoothly making them well suited for jogging.

Safety Tips