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Bathing you delicate baby needs some precautions on your part. Read on to find some helpful tips on how to bathe a newborn.

Bathing Your Baby

Bathing your soft and delicate baby can be a beautiful experience for both you and him/her. It will help you a great deal to have a bath routine in place by the time your baby is a few weeks old. A calm and warm bathing environment will make the baby comfortable with the idea of bathing and he/she will be able to readily accept the new activity. It needs to be remembered that some babies do not like having a bath till they are a few months old. In that case, sponge-bathing the baby may be your only option. Read the article to find some helpful bathing tips for your baby.

Bathing Tips for a Newborn
Hair: You need not wash your baby's hair everyday. Just wiping it with a damp flannel cloth will remove any dirt that is there.

Nails: The easiest way to cut your baby's nails is to nibble them off. You can use a pair of scissors to cut them off, while they are asleep. The best time would be after a bath, when the nails are soft.

Ears and Nose: These organs clean themselves, so just wipe them gently with wet cotton wool.

Cradle cap: This is a yellowish crust on the baby's scalp, which looks a little like dandruff. This occurs when the baby is between a month and six months old and almost all babies have it. This does not harm the baby in any way and normally disappears as the baby grows up. If it is noticeable, you can do the following: