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After childbirth, your relations with the spouse undergo a major change. Read on to know about marital/sexual relations post baby birth.

Marital Relations After Childbirth

With the arrival of the baby, the relationship between husband and wife will undergo a change. There maybe some initial strain and tensions in the relationship, though there is nothing that the two partners cannot solve by taking out time for each other and talking things out. After childbirth, each partner has his or her own expectations and apprehensions. Some of the things that men worry about after childbirth are earning enough for the family, the kind of father they will make and the fear of feeling left out as his wife will be devoting all her time to the baby. At the same time, a woman too has her own apprehensions and fears regarding whether her husband will support her of whether the baby will affect her relationship with spouse.

Relations With Spouse After Baby
After parenthood, it becomes very difficult for both partners to find time to spend together as a couple. A newborn baby takes up all the time of both the mother and the father. Though it may seem that the baby is affecting your relationship, it is not so. Neither does a baby damages a good relationship, nor does he/she improves a bad one. It is ultimately up to the partners to find time for each other, no matter how difficult it is or how tired they are. Here are a few things you can do to keep your relationship alive.
Sexual Relationship Post Childbirth
Sexual relationship maybe affected to a great extent once the baby is born. Since this important aspect of your relationship is affected, it may take a toll on your relationship. As a new mother the demands of your baby, exhaustion, unhappiness with bodily changes after childbirth and the effect of breastfeeding on sex drive can make you feel withdrawn from sex after childbirth. Your partner may feel that you have only time for the baby and not for him. While you may feel that everyone is only making demands on you and you don't have any time to rest or to yourself, taking out time to improve your sexual relationship will help you and your partner.

Few Things To Remember