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With the happiness of the arrival of the new baby, comes the concern for his/her safety. Read on to find out about best/top child safety products.

Baby Safety Products

Giving birth to a child is such a wonderful feeling that it makes you feel proud and humbled at the same time. Even before the child is born, parents start planning about the new addition to their family. With arrival of the baby, the concern for his/her safety, well being and health begins to dominate the concerns of parents. Parents always keep their babies close to them, in front of their eyes; they don�t even allow them to move out of the house. They think that if the baby is inside the house, he/she is safe. However, the house can also be quite dangerous for your kid�s safety. In today�s life facilitated with fancy furniture, gadgets and other luxurious items, keeping the baby safe have become a must. This baby proofing in the house can be accomplished by various safety products for the babies available in the market. Here are few basic safety products for the babies, which can be used to ensure the safety of your little one.

Top Baby Safety Products

Cushions For Furniture Corner
Children tend to slip down or fall down from the bed or any other furniture and get hurt. Using soft, round edge cushions will help your baby not to trip down and fall when they are sleeping or playing on any furniture.

Window Locks
Windows in your house may not have grills or any other protection. There is always a risk of kids approaching the unprotected windows. Window locks will provide a protection to the window and will keep your child away from any kind of danger.

Outlet Plugs
Open plug points can be a danger spot for your kid. There are simple plugs in form of safety plugs available which will reduce this risk. There is a pull tab in the plugs which makes it difficult for the kids to pull them. They are also available in clear or white colours depending on your preference. The light colour helps the plugs to blend in with the wall colour and not attract attention.

Cabinet Locks
Cabinet locks are flexible locks and it secures the cabinets very easily. It can be used in kitchen or bathroom or wherever you have cabinets. This helps to keep any danger products away from your kids.

Drawer Latches
Drawers are the place where you keep your medicines or other potentially dangerous objects that your kids may reach for. These latches help to prevent babies from approaching the drawers. These are installed with a screwdriver, but allow you to easily access the content.

Toilet Locks
These locks help you prevent your babies from playing with the flush or other such items in the washroom.

Floating Bath Pals
These floating bath pals also acts like thermometers. This helps you to find out how hot your baby�s bath water is. These are life savers that teach you to judge the temperature of the water and also prevent your baby from being scalded. It also acts like a fun bath toy to make bathing fun for your child.

Window Blind Cord Wrap Ups
The cord controlling your window blinds can prove to be dangerous for your kids. To prevent strangulation from these cords, use the wrap ups to wrap the cords safely up, out of the reach of your baby.

Door Locks
Your baby�s finger can get pinched between the doors. To prevent any mishap like this, use a special door lock. These are easy to install and is of great help for the safety of your baby.

Table Edge Bumpers
The sharp edges of your dining table can prove to be harmful for your baby. To prevent any accident with the edges, use table edge bumpers that will keep the sharp edges away from your baby�s soft skull.

Cord Shortener
Generally, long cords and wires become a problem for elders as well. They increase the risk of tripping. There is also the risk of you tripping while carrying your baby. These cord shorteners will help you wind up excess or long cords, keeping them away from the babies, so that they cannot pull anything down on themselves.