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The very thought of folding diapers for your baby can put you in a fix. Read on to find tips on how to fold your baby’s cloth diapers.

Folding Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are back and are being favored by an increasing number of parents today. Traditional cloth diapers are definitely enjoying an upper hand now, as opposed to their disposable counterparts. Apart from being economical and eco-friendly, cloth diapers are easily washable and can be reused. Also, the soft, airy feel of real cloth reduces any risk of your baby suffering painful rashes. Most parents often find it troublesome to fold a cloth diaper into a proper fit. Folding a cloth diaper isn’t a Herculean task and all it takes is a little practice. Folding your baby’s diapers can be entertaining, as it opens the space for a lot of experiments. You can fold your baby’s diapers in several ways. With time, you will eventually know what works best for your baby. The key idea is to keep your baby dry and comfortable. Here are some popular ways of folding cloth diapers.

How To Fold Cloth Diapers

Hour Glass Fold
Baby Boy Friendly Folds
Baby Girl Friendly Folds
Using Flat-fold Diapers